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  • 9 August - hosted by Tina1
    Dress to impress at this very friendly venue.
  • 9 July - hosted by ffunUK
    DIRTY HEELS club is a new fetish club in London for guys who love wearing stilettos, dressing in lingerie, suits and heels, leather rubber and heels , cigar and heels... etc., without being totally devoid of their masculinity
  • 30 May - hosted by jasmine
    no holds barred at a house small intimate sexy nn11 district contact me for further info via text 07462106478
  • 19 May - hosted by sensual2011
    The best european event to dress and enjoy..... http://www.gaypridemaspalomas.com/
  • 5 June - hosted by Janet
    Trans Wakefield. Is a social and support group that is open to all the transgender community and their families. It is an opportunity to come together to chat, make friends and share experiences. For more information and the address please email trans.s@gmx.co.uk

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  • ok that's you invited then, lets make it happen xx
  • Sounds lovely x
  • Hi fellow cds, i am mature full cd wig, makeup etc smoker lookin...  more
  • Hiya I am staying at the Hilton near J. Lennon airport from the ...  more
  • Wed at 09:06
    yes I'd love to play dear please feel free to text me i.e. 07866...  more
  • Morning ladies.
    Can i put it from a so called straight guys poin...  more
  • So much common ground in the replies so far. I too have no gay ...  more
  • Heels and stockings are the real turn on for me. just love wearing them.
  • Some secluded places around sandwell valley. Merrion's wood off ...  more
  • do you still have any I would be interested x

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crossdressing.co.uk is a social networking site dedicated for CDs and admirers! It is free to join but if you want to use all the features then there is a small subscription fee (this helps me pay for the hosting and running of this site!) Look forward to chatting to you,

Chloe xxx

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    Chloe - WebmistressMarcia65:
    Thanks for joining, relax and be yourself....xxx
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    gone from totally pink to pale blue in such a short space of time. typical woman, cant make my mind up lol xxx
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    Thank you Chloe xx
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  • Panty Bulge Lover
    Panty Bulge Lover
    Hello all :)
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    Thanks for joining, relax and be yourself....xxx
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    Hello beautifuls :)
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    John Roberts
    Not a lot happens here any more :(
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    after a long hard nightshift instead of doing the decent thing and going to bed, its a dress and heels on and f1 qualy with plenty beers. xxx
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    How are you?
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    Morning Andy
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    I think Chloe has left the building!
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      Andi CD Theres a baby dalek in your car. Quick kill it
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