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  • 30 April - hosted by penelope
    anyone girls from cheshire fancy meeting up ? april at the earliest or to suit?
  • 22 July - hosted by Nicki_D
    Fancy a night out in London? Dressed or Drab? I'll be out on the 22nd of July, and would love it if you joined me x http://www.thewayoutclub.com/how-to-get-here/
  • 27 February - hosted by Paula
    Hi every one I will be in the north devon area at end of feb for four nights, seperate each night anyone like to meet drop me a mail for more info
  • 12 October 2016 - hosted by SF
    Undertake DOWN!!!!BEARRRSSSSMullen: Minicamp wrap, 3 remedies toward 'As a result, how do the Bears visual appeal?' - CSN Chicago - How precisely do the Bears appearance as minicamp wrapped up? 3 options toward that wonder emerged previously mentioned the final couple of months.LeGere: Refreshing-fe...
  • 28 October 2016 - hosted by Lucy4991
    Girly night in, strictly cd only, a night 2b yourself and relax. Make new friends

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  • Thank you! I'll be a while checking everyone else's out. Feeling...  more
  • Mon at 09:26
    Welcome Frilla. Love your profile. xx
  • Just trying to be trendy with the title....failed, I reckon :).
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  • 17 December 2016
    I would love to hopefully arrange a meet with a pretty T.G or...  more
  • I live in Romford Essex

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crossdressing.co.uk is a social networking site dedicated for CDs and admirers! It is free to join but if you want to use all the features then there is a small subscription fee (this helps me pay for the hosting and running of this site!) Look forward to chatting to you,

Chloe xxx

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  • Sophie
    Sophie added 6 photo(s) to the album Untitled Album:
    • 7 minutes ago
  • mikeal
    • 20 minutes ago
  • emma
    why does it feel so good but feel so bad when you are dressed and wearing makeup
    • 24 minutes ago
    • emma
      Laura I am so naughty when I am dressed, I long to be taken from behind. But have to resort to my dildo for pleasure xx
      • 19 minutes ago
    • emma
      Anabelle Laura Really I mean I am shocked not hee hee xx
      • 18 minutes ago
    • emma
      Laura It's what I like Annabelle, but it's not not much fun on one's own. xx
      • 14 minutes ago
    • emma
      Anabelle Very true I have been there and was regular until my partner is transgender or in the process of changing so I have to be the male part of the relationship though dressed or in most cases undressed hee hee xx
      • 10 minutes ago
    • emma
      Laura I feel very envious of your partner, I wish I had someone like you. Oooooh xx
      • 1 minute ago
  • Sophie
    Sophie added 4 photo(s) to the album Untitled Album:
    • 31 minutes ago
  • Zara-Jade
    Very Nice Sophie Xxx
    • 42 minutes ago
    • Zara-Jade
      Sophie Thankyou Zara-Jade.....i'm slowly working my way around and now that I've subscribed too it's a bit easier. Having to resize my pics to get them to upload though x
      • 39 minutes ago
    • Zara-Jade
      Zara-Jade Your welcome , it took me awhile to get around it and am still learning Xxx
      • 33 minutes ago
  • Sophie
    Sophie added 1 photo(s) to the album album 1 :
    First ever proper make up.
    • 43 minutes ago
    • Becky123 likes this.
    • Sophie
      Katherine Wow, you are a beautiful girl, stunning picture xx
      • 38 minutes ago
    • Sophie
      Rosie P Sophie I love this photo Hun xxx
      • 34 minutes ago
    • Sophie
      Sophie Thankyou Kathrine and Rosie, i'm still getting my head around it all to be honest as I've only just begun dressing properly....I was never able to until recently and a few girls gave me the confidence to try more than I was xx
      • 29 minutes ago
  • sally
    hi girls.xx
    • 46 minutes ago
    • sally
      Zara-Jade Hi Sally Xxx
      • 45 minutes ago
    • sally
      Katherine Hiya Sally xx how's you today hunni?
      • 37 minutes ago
  • stacy
    no rest for the wicked.....break over , off i go again.....x
    • 47 minutes ago
    • Katherine likes this.
    • stacy
      Katherine Make sure you hoover in the corners, and don't forget the Polish lol xx
      • 40 minutes ago
  • blueeyes
    Hey sweetie loving the pictures and we are local to eaxh other .... would love to chat soon xxx
    • 50 minutes ago
    • · via mobile
    • blueeyes
      Vickig No pic no talk sorry
      • 1 minute ago
  • Chloe - Webmistress
    Chloe - WebmistressLaura:
    Thanks for joining, relax and be yourself....xxx
    • 59 minutes ago
  • Laura
    Laura has just signed up. Say hello!
    • Laura
      Zara-Jade Hi laura and welcome Xxx
      • 56 minutes ago
  • Missy white
    Missy white
    • 1 hour ago
    • · via mobile
  • Missy white
    Missy white
    • 1 hour ago
    • · via mobile
  • stacy
    thanks to you all for your kind comments.....sitting down having a breather ......washing up to do then more or less every room in the house done,,,,,,not much to do in living room which can wait till tomorrow.....been a busy girl......x
    • 1 hour ago
  • Missy white
    Missy white
    I'm gonna hold off on the snow white dress it's a bit cool outside right now... I will be wearing my Victorian vampire dress out today... pictures coming soon
    • 1 hour ago
    • · via mobile